Well-Designed Infrastructure and the Class Rooms

We are one of the most reckonedschools in our part of Jaipur that has developed well-designed infrastructure. Ours is the only Elementary School to have a Mini Auditorium for organising class wise functions. The spic and span campus make us unique amongst our category of schools. A small botanical garden in the School adds on to the ambience. The Keen Eye in the form of CCTV installed in every corner of the School assists to monitor all movements of children. The well-designed indoor and outdoor play areas are an excellent facility for students.Toilets have specifically been designed for small children and the beautiful class rooms make the learning a memorable experience. These classrooms have proper seating arrangement so that the students can comfortably sit and work in these rooms. Furthermore, we have designed these classrooms in such a way that they have adequate air circulation and natural light. In addition to this, we have installed audio – visual systems in order to help our students in effective learning and enhance the interactive quotient.